Ep. 017 – The Forgotten Flix Podcast: Commando (1985)

May 25, 2011

Mall Twin Movie Ad: Commando (1985)In this episode of The Forgotten Flix Podcast, Joel and Jason “go commando”! Wait a sec… okay, everyone’s wearing underwear (well, at least Jason claims he is!), but we get into the nitty gritty that is the 80’s action movie staple COMMANDO! Of course, this ain’t exactly a peaceful discourse on the finer points of Arnie’s flick.

No sirree Bobby!

Let’s just say that Joel filled a legal pad with all the contrivances, plot holes, and ridiculous coincidences that riddle this movie like Arnie’s bullet-spraying frenzy during the movie’s climax!

So, check it out and let them know what you think! You can send your feedback to feedback (at) forgottenflix dot com or leave a voice mail message at the number located beneath the VHS tapes.

Tune in next time when we get down and dirty with Critters (1986) and let you know if they really do bite (or if the movie does)!

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