Movie Trivia Challenge for Week of 02.07.2011

February 7, 2011

“Shall we play a game?”

And with that simple question, we’ll now engage in the online, movie trivia equivalent of thermonuclear warfare!

How you play the Insanely Difficult, Damn-Near Impossible Movie Trivia Challenge:

Each letter in the word picture below comes from a different VHS cover. All you have to do is identify which movie title each letter comes from based solely on the letter given. ย Then, submit your answer(s) via the process below and you win. It’s as simple as that! Good luck!

Recap of the rules and how to submit answers:

  • Submit your answers via Twitter to @forgottenflix (use the hashtag #movietrivia) or leave your answers in the comments section of this post.
  • Submit all answers by 8 PM (EST) today (02/07/2011) via Twitter or this post’s comments section.
  • You only have to get one letter correct to win and I’ll enter your name into the next prize drawing (March 2011).
  • Your name will be entered into the prize drawing for every correct answer you submit for a total of 6 possible times (based on the word below).

One Final Note

The prize drawings will now occur once every quarter rather than once a month. This ensures the prizes are of a higher quality and that more people will have the opportunity to enter and win!

If you have any questions, are confused about the new game play, or generally want to vent your frustrations as you scour the Inter-Webs searching for the answers, please leave a comment below or email me at

Remember ALL answers are due by tonight (02/07) at 8 PM (EST) and must be submitted via Twitter or the comments section to count!

Now that you know how to play, here’s your word for the week courtesy of Mr. Dale Lloyd (remember to check him out on Twitter @VivaVHS):

Movie Trivia Challenge word: TREMOR

UPDATE: Because Quiz-Maestro Dale was basing his quizzes on the “6 Movies You Must See” series which is coming to an end this week, we discussed taking a (hopefully) temporary break from the word quizzes as well. And while we can’t begin to replace those marvelous brain-boilers, starting next week, we’ll be trying out some different quizzes.

Hopefully, from time to time, Dale will honor us with one of his quizzes. But until that glorious day arrives, be sure to check out the ALL NEW INSANELY-DIFFICULT MOVIE TRIVIA CHALLENGE!

And until next time remember, a flick is only forgotten if you’re not talking about it!

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12 comments on “Movie Trivia Challenge for Week of 02.07.2011

  1. M is memphis belle, love that movie

  2. The ‘E’ is from Flatliners….the final R is from ‘The Terminator’. I think…

  3. That’s right folks… I just gave away the M, but do you knwo the others?

    Here are some hints:

    T — Her: “I love you.” Him: “Ditto.”

    R — “It’s not a tumor! It’s a third boob!” Okay, I may have mixed my movies and made part of that up.

    E — If Jack Bauer says die, you die! Of course, don’t worry, he’ll bring you back.


    O — “It’s not a tumor!” Okay. Now that quote works.

    R — From the creative team behind REANIMATOR and… HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS?!?… comes this flick about athletic robots kickin’ ass at war!

  4. Shannon Feb 7, 2011

    O, Kindegarten Cop, T, Ghost, E, The Lost Boys

  5. reed_my_tweet Feb 7, 2011

    Ghost, Total Recall, Flatliners, Memphis Belle, Kindergarten Cop, Robot Jox

  6. my guesses, Ghost, Total Recall,Kindergarten Cop
    great clues. Thanks

  7. Keep the guesses coming! If you think someone else got the answer… so what? Post yours anyway. Hell, post the ones others have posted too! All correct answers get your name submitted for the March prize drawing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Here are the answers to today’s quiz:

    T – Ghost
    R – Total Recall
    E – Flatliners
    M – Memphis Belle
    O – Kindergarten Cop
    R – Robot Jox

    Congratulations to everyone who got the correct answers!

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