Caption This! Deathrow Gameshow (1987)

July 29, 2011

by Joel G. Robertson

Every so often an idea comes around that’s so profound, so earth-shatteringly sublime, that it transcends mankind’s deepest understanding of God, nature, and the cosmos…

If you come across an idea like that, let me know.

In the meantime, I’m starting a new segment here at Forgotten Flix. It’s called “Caption This”. The idea (which comes courtesy of The Forgotten Flix Podcast co-host and site contributor, Jason) is simple:

1. I present you with an image from a classic (and sometimes not-so-classic) movie and

2. You give the picture a caption. Anything you want. The funnier the better.

Just leave your caption(s) in the comments section. No limit. No rules.

Just. Be. Creative.

Oh, and have fun too!

Deathrow Gameshow

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2 comments on “Caption This! Deathrow Gameshow (1987)

  1. Just a little off the top? *rimshot*

  2. Introducing the Ronco home guillotine! It slices, it dices and with the bonus Ronco Food Dehydrator it makes for some world-class jerky! You’ll be the talk of the town!

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