Coming Soon to Forgotten Flix: Three O’Clock High (1987)

December 19, 2011

Three O'Clock High (1987)by Joel G. Robertson

It’s time for your weekly sneak peek at what’s coming up soon on The Forgotten Flix Podcast. Our next movie is:

Three O’Clock High (1987)!

Synopsis (courtesy of Wikipedia): Three O’Clock High is a 1987 high-school comedy film, directed by Phil Joanou, written by Richard Christian Matheson and Thomas Szollosi, and produced by Aaron Spelling.

It was filmed at Ogden High School in Ogden, Utah, but, in part, was inspired by Joanou’s own experiences at La Canada High School.

Though it did not do very well at the box office, the film is a minor cult classic among high school films. It shows high school as most people remember it, with mundane days punctuated by occasional thrills.

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Special thanks to Kevin Bachelder of the Tuning Into Sci-Fi TV Podcast who suggested we send out a brief, weekly update about the next movie we’re covering.

Three O’Clock High (1987) Trailer

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