Great Movies Film Club: Three Colors Trilogy (Blue, White, and Red)

August 7, 2013

three colors trilogyby Dave Umbricht

“You have chosen….poorly.”

It happens when you are a completest.

No matter what list of movies you attempt to finish, there will be some films that do not resonate.  In the best of times, even if you don’t “like” a movie, you can appreciate it for historical significance at the very least.

Alas, last month’s selection, “Veronika Voss”, was lost on me.  As I said, it happens.

Moving on.

This month’s selection is actually three films.  It should have been last month’s selection, as nothing is more patriotic than the colors red, white, and blue.

Wait.  What?  It’s actually “Blue”, “White”, and “Red”?  After the French flag?  Oh well, still should have been last month’s selection due to Bastille Day.

These are three wildly different films:  drama, comedy, thriller.  Or so I have heard.

I am very excited about this one (ahem…three).

Click here for Roger Ebert’s review.

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