Prize Winner of the Movie Trivia Challenge!

November 30, 2010

by Joel G. Robertson

To the victor goes the spoils and the victor of the first ever Forgotten Flix Insanely Difficult, Damn-Near-Impossible Movie Trivia Challenge prize drawing is…



Here’s what you’ve won:

Nightmare Before Xmas PosterMovie-themed ComicsAn original, two-sided The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) movie poster– (This is a stock image of the poster, but it’s the same style as the prize) and two original, limited-edition movie tie-in comic books! X-Men The Movie (given away in theaters during opening weekend 2000) and Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron given away during The Empire Strikes Back re-release opening weekend 1997.

There’s no quiz today, but starting next Tuesday we’re going to be doing the trivia quizzes a bit differently.

Movie Trivia Challenge Changes…

Starting next week, instead of having to figure out all the letters in a quiz word to win, you’ll only have to get one letter correct to win. Whoever emails me the correct answer to a letter first, is the winner of that letter for the week. If you’re the first to get the answer to me for a letter, I’ll enter your name into the next prize drawing. You will also get an honorable mention in Friday’s post as well as an upcoming episode of the podcast (once it goes live).

Additionally, you can send in answers for multiple letters, increasing the number of times your name is entered into the prize drawing. But what if you’re not the first one to submit the answer for a letter? Well, all your hard work will still get recognized and I’ll enter your name into the next prize drawing too for every correct answer you submit! Of course, only those who submit their answers first (before the deadline) will get the post and podcast mentions and the ego-boost for being Captain Awesome when it comes to their VHS box art knowledge!

One final note: the prize drawings will occur once every quarter rather than once a month. This ensures the prizes are of a higher quality and that more people will have the opportunity to win!

So, until next time remember, a flick is only forgotten if you’re not talking about it!

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