2016 Spooky Flix Fest – The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

October 5, 2016

In this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew with special guest Vince are geeking out over

  • horror comedy
  • Dan O’Bannon
  • Linnea Quigley
  • zombie/ghoul lore
  • and much, much more!


It’s Freddy’s first day at work and his foreman, Frank, is showing him around the place. It’s kind of macabre with all the skeletons, cut-in-half animals, and let’s not forget the human cadaver in the freezer-room. Freddy thinks all this is a bit creepy, but then Frank asks him if he want to hear something REALLY creepy.

He starts telling Freddy the “true” story behind George A. Romero’s movie Night of the Living Dead and how it really happened and that the army has kept it a secret all this time. Freddy, of course, doesn’t believe him until Frank shows him the drums, containing bodies, hidden in the basement. Apparently they were wrongly delivered to this place, and have been stored here ever since and for some reason, no-one has seen fit to call and tell the army about this.

And when one of the drums suddenly breaks and releases the toxic gas, 245 Trioxin, into the nearby cemetery, the shit really hits the fan!


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