2016 Spooky Flix Fest – The Fog (1980)

October 19, 2016

In this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew are joined by special guest Gamma (Click Here for more from Gamma) and are geeking out over

  • John Carpenter and Debra Hill
  • Fog FX
  • Adrienne Barbeau (natch!)
  • Tom Atkins (and his lack of ‘stache)
  • and much, much more!

Gamma’s evidence… The Fog is coming!

img_20160927_190248445 img_20161010_083816099









It’s the 21st of April, and the small Californian fishing town, Antonio Bay, is gearing up to celebrate its 100 year anniversary. Unfortunately, this is also the day when the “town curse” comes into play! Town curse, you say? Well, just bear with me a minute or two, as I go back in town here…

One hundred years ago a wealthy man named Blake wanted to establish a leper-colony a few miles outside of Antonio Bay, which was little more than a settlement at the time. He was bringing his gold and men on the ship, the Elizabeth Dane, but some of the townsfolk was disgusted, and got greedy, and decided to sink the ship and steal the gold, thus being able to turn the settlement into a township and also build the church.

But now… one hundred years later… on the 21st of April… Blake is back, to claim his gold and the lives of the townspeople who betrayed him!


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