RMG 08: True Romance (1993)

March 2, 2016

In this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew are geeking out over

  • True Romance
  • Sicilians
  • Gary Oldman’s awesomeness
  • early Tarantino versus newer Tarantino
  • and more!


Clarence and Alabama (played by Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette) meet in a movie-theater during a Sonny Chiba triple feature! It may seem like a casual meeting, but she’s actually there for a reason… since it’s Clarence’s birthday, his boss has hired him a call girl as a present. The couple takes an instant liking to each other though, and even after Alabama comes clean, Clarence still doesn’t mind!

They get married and he decides to go pay her former pimp, Drexl, a visit, to tell him she’s not coming back. The meeting does not go well, and ends with dead bodies, and Clarence leaving with a bag he thinks contains Alabama’s belongings. The bag is, instead, full of cocaine which belongs to a powerful mob boss, who very much wants it back… and this is when things REALLY go bad!



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