RMG 09: The Terminator (1984)/ T2 (1991)

March 16, 2016
In this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew with special guest Kevin Bachelder (Tuning Into SciFi TV) are geeking out over
  • terminators
  • time travel
  • getting tased
  • repercussions of CND
  • and more!

Synopsis: In the future, the world (or at least Los Angeles), has been taken over by machines. By the year 2029, the human resistance has found a way to beat the machines, and humanity is finally winning the war! In a final attempt to crush the resistance, Skynet (the machines) sends two terminators back in time to kill John Connor before he becomes the leader of the resistance and ultimately the man responsible for destroying Skynet! The first terminator is sent back to strike at John’s mother, Sarah, before he’s even been born… This happens in the first movie from 1984, folks! The second terminator is sent back to kill John when he’s still a child… And this would be the second movie from 1991! In both cases, the resistance is able to send back a lone “soldier” to protect Sarah and John, and also (if possible) to kill the stalking terminator!



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