RMG 168: Hawk the Slayer (1980)

February 13, 2019

In this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew are joined by Maggie Kruger (you can find more from Maggie here), and they’re geeking out over Hawk the Slayer (1980) and

  • not talking about the actual movie
  • Jack Palance hamming it up
  • the cast’s other roles
  • how Hawk the Slayer is basically like a simple, early 80’s DoD game
  • and much, much more!


Long ago in the mists of time, two brothers, Hawk, possessing incredible might and courage, and Voltan whose cruel perversions admit no earthly limits, were destined to clash in an epic conflict between good and evil.

Hawk, wielding the magic mind sword, swears to defeat Voltan who slayed their father, and is terrorizing the countryside, bringing death and destruction to all who stand in his way.

In the forest of Weir, and the Abbey of Caddonbury, Hawk surrounds himself with trusted helpers – Gort, a giant from the mountains at the edge of the world… Crow, an elfin bow-man from the silver forests… and Kaldwin, a dwarf from the Iron hills – and prepares to clash with Voltan.

It’s a world of sword play and sorcery of witches, and heroes that cast a powerful spell on our imagination.



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