RMG 18: Mannequin (1987)

June 1, 2016

In this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew are geeking out over

  • Starship tunes
  • Hollywood Montrose
  • mannequin lovin’
  • CND (Creepy Nostalgia Disorder)
  • oh, and did I mention, mannequin lovin’?
  • and more!

Synopsis: Jonathan Switcher is a young struggling artist, who can’t hold on to a job even if his life depended on it. On one of these jobs he makes a mannequin so perfect and so beautiful that he falls in love with it… Unfortunately he gets fired from that job too! One evening, when he’s really down in the dumps, he finds his mannequin displayed in a department store window, and the next day he applies for a job there! After saving the life of the owner, he gets it! The job, that is! What Jonathan doesn’t know is that his mannequin is inhabited by the spirit of an Egyptian princess and one night she comes to life!



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