RMG 181: Black Moon Rising (1986)

May 15, 2019

In this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew are geeking out over Black Moon Rising (1986) and

  • missing scenes?
  • beating the crap out of Quint
  • the car
  • plot contrivances
  • Bubba Smith’s work out tape
  • and much, much more!



The action screams across the screen with the raw power and fury of a tornado on wheels in Black Moon Rising, a super-charged adventure that puts the pedal to the metal and never lets up!

Tommy Lee Jones is Quint, a shrewd government “thief”. The Black Moon is light years beyond high-tech: it’s an ultra-tech auto – and more. Quint has stashed a valuable computer disc, needed by the Attorney General, in the Black Moon for safekeeping! But a sophisticated car-theft ring, led by wealthy Edward Ryland, steals the Black Moon. The computer disc – and Black Moon – may be lost forever.

Stealing from Quint is the biggest mistake you can make. When that happens, get out of his way, or pray, because Quint is determined to get the Black Moon back. And when the Black Moon rises, what goes down… is hell on Earth!


School Hall Slaughter:

Huw Lloyd, creator and host of The Undead Wookie podcast, is planning to shoot an 80’s style horror short during the summer of 2019, called “School Hall Slaughter”, and for this he’s set up a GoFundMe page! Please check it out here, for all the information, and updates! And while you’re there… Please make a donation too! Huw will be happy you did! And so would we!



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