RMG 188: North Shore (1987)

July 3, 2019

In this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew are joined by Vince, and are geeking out over North Shore (1987) and

  • the cast
  • surfers vs. skateboarders
  • Turtle
  • soul surfing
  • and much, much more!


Rick Kane is an 18 year old surfer from Arizona whose ultimate dream is to ride the waves of Hawaii’s legendary North Shore. Champion of his neighborhood wave-pool, Rick is ready for a real ocean… but is he ready for Oahu’s North Shore, where nature’s most powerful waves challenge the world’s most fearless wave warriors?

Once there, Rick collides head on with the leader of the Hawaiian Brotherhood, Vince (played by Gerry Lopez)… falls in love with Vince’s beautiful cousin Kiani (Nia Peeples)… and befriends the beach-wise Turtle (John Philbin). North Shore sets the stage for the drama of a young man learning the lessons of love, friendship, and rivalry… the hard way!



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2 comments on “RMG 188: North Shore (1987)

  1. Darrell Jul 3, 2019

    Hey guys.
    I just listened to every episode of horror movie podcast over the last years and now I am on to retro movie geek podcast.
    At first I was a little distracted by the severely unfocused tangents during movies I actually wanted to hear about. Then that became the charm of the show.

    I just listened to your episode about The Burbs which I’m sure was a long time ago. I thought about Bruce Dern and his wife being replaced in a remake by Ice-T and Coco. He spent 30 years in the ghetto, in the streets, maybe as a leader of the bloods or Crips, hooked up with Coco and moved to the suburbs on her request to retire. He still treats it like the mean Streets of South Central and feels like he’s in a gang war carrying guns and scaring the neighbors, but very interesting and friendly at times to the average suburbanites.

    They could be fascinated, like most white suburban makes are by this street smart man.

    The rest could be pretty much as it is.
    I really needed to share this.

    Anyway I love your show! DC LOVE is excellent when he’s focused. I’m glad DJ CHIN STRAP is hosting the horror movie podcast and PRECIOUS PETE is a favorite of mine.

    Keep up the work!
    – Darrell (No relation)

    • Peter Nielsen Jul 4, 2019

      Hey, Darrell
      Thank you for your wonderful comment…
      It definitely is an interesting, and funny, scenario you set up for The ‘Burbs… It sure put a big grin on my face!

      Thank you again for putting up with, and liking, our shenanigans… we do our best to sound, at least mildly, like we know what the hell we’re talking about! 🙂


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