RMG 225: Gorky Park (1983)

September 2, 2020

In this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew is joined by Gamma, and they’re geeking out over Gorky Park (1983) and

  • plotholes
  • the cold setting
  • accents?
  • Super Mario Bros/Superman III
  • and much, much more!


This taut political thriller crackles with cold war intrigue and chilling murder. When three mutilated corpses are discovered in Moscow’s Gorky Park, likeable militia detective, Arkady Renko, is assigned to investigate the grisly crime.

When one of the victims turns out to be American, Arkady becomes suspicious. Why isn’t the KGB interested in the case? As Arkady digs deeper into a growing web of corruption, he finds himself being hunted by both the secret police, and a tough New York cop, Kirwill.

His search leads him to one link between the victims – Irina, a beautiful Russian dissident who is either a desperate rebel, or a cold-blooded killer. Though wary of Irina, Arkady comes to trust and even love her, as they piece together clues in a deadly puzzle, until the last shocking piece falls into place… and Arkady is forced to make a dangerous bargain from which there can be no turning back.


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