RMG 239: Disorganized Crime (1989)

January 20, 2021

On this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew is geeking out over Disorganized Crime (1989) and

  • a disjointed script
  • the cast
  • lots of stuff besides the movie
  • being serious or comedic or both
  • and much, much more!


Lou Diamond Phillips and Fred Gwynne team up with a gang of professional criminals who have everything it takes to rob a bank – except their boss, Corbin Bernsen, a car and a plan. The only things they do have going for them are a cop, Ed O’Neill, and his partner, who are dumber than they are.

By the time the gang hits the bank vault, it’s a safe bet there’s going to be organized insanity and disorganized crime!

This hilarious hit from the makers of Stakeout, delivers an arresting combination of action, suspense, and comedy!



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