RMG 29: Valley Girl (1983)

August 17, 2016

In this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew are joined by special guest Kevin Bachelder (from the Tuning Into Sci-Fi TV and Saturday B-Movie Reel podcasts) and we’re geeking out over

  • Nicolas Cage
  • Deborah Foreman
  • Elizabeth Daily (and Tommy Pickles)
  • Valley speak
  • and more!


Julie, a popular girl from the valley, meets a punk from the city and sparks start flying. They hit it off immediately and they fall in love, but they’re from two totally different worlds and we all know that won’t go down well, right? Her, oh so shallow, friends want her to go back to her ex boyfriend, so everything can go back to “normal” again… her parents just want her to follow her heart… but what does Julie want? The safety, that comes with her friends and ex boyfriend, Tommy the douche, or should she follow the uncertain path with the rebellious city punk, Randy?

Only time will tell, or in this case… the movie Valley Girl from 1983!  



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