RMG 292 – Freaked (1993)

July 20, 2022

On this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew is joined by Station herself, Liz Brown (hear more from Liz here), and they’re geeking out over Freaked (1993) and

  • hideous mutant freekz
  • satire
  • taking it to the mat
  • evil corporations
  • and much, much more!


Ricky Coogan, a jaded, greedy young movie idol, signs on as a spokesman for the evil E.E.S. Corporation. E.E.S. (Everything Except Shoes) sends him to the small South American republic of Santa Flan to promote their toxic bio-genetic fertilizer Zygrot 24.

There, along with his crass party-hardy buddy Ernie, he strays into the jungle and happens upon a bizarre freakshow run by the mad genius Elijah C. Skuggs.  Elijah uses Zygrot 24 to create a “mutation ointment” that turns Rick into a mutant freak, half normal, half hideous “beast boy”! Then he fuses wisecracking Ernie with the beautiful Julie, forming Julie-Ernie – a two headed walking Three Stooges routine!

Our heroes adapt to life at the freakshow, where they live with the motley collection of incarcerated freaks, including Ortiz The Dog Boy, The Worm, Cowboy, Sockhead, Nosey, the glamorous Rosie the Pinhead, and The Bearded Lady.

Ricky is transformed from a self-centered heel into the heroic leader of the freaks, who finally rise up to topple Elijah, E.E.S., and their insidious plot to turn the whole world into mutant slave-drones!



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