RMG 310 – Pulp Fiction (1994)

March 22, 2023

On this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew is joined by Brian Scott (Check out more from Brian HERE), and they’re geeking out over Pulp Fiction (1994) and

  • Pulp Fiction in the theater
  • excellent dialogue & awkward silences
  • the cast
  • influences before & after
  • and much, much more!


Critics and audiences worldwide hailed Pulp Fiction as the star-studded motion picture of the year!

Writer/director Quentin Tarantino delivers an unforgettable cast of characters – including a pair of low-rent hit men (John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson), their boss’s sexy wife (Uma Thurman), and a desperate prize fighter (Bruce Willis) – in a wild mixture of explosive action and wickedly funny humor!



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