RMG 312 – Reign of Fire (2002)

April 19, 2023

On this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew is joined by Raul “The Monster Slayer” Rivera (check out more from Raul HERE), and they’re geeking out over Reign of Fire (2002) and

  • the cast
  • funfilled bleakness
  • dragons
  • the look of the movie
  • and much, much more!


Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale star in an explosive action-packed adventure with bone-charring special effects that will have you glued to your seat!

When a London tunneling project uncovers an unearthly fire-breathing beast from centuries of slumber… all hell breaks loose. Twelve-year-old Quinn sees his mother, one of the workers, die trying to escape this new terror. Twenty years later as a “fire chief”, he tries to keep a group of refugees alive with fierce dragons dominating the air, burning the land, and feeding on the ash.

Unexpectedly, Van Zan, a hotshot American militia leader, shows up with a ragtag group of slayers on a perilous crusade to hunt down and destroy the beasts. Tempers flare when there is a struggle for leadership – until both men realize only one species is getting out of this alive.



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