RMG 319 – I Love You To Death (1990)

July 26, 2023

You can watch the VIDEO version of this episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXJ5eXxsw_c

On this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew is geeking out over I Love You To Death (1990) and

  • how attempted murder equals passion
  • the great cast
  • three dimensional characters
  • that it’s based on a true story
  • and much, much more!


Kevin Kline, Tracey Ullman, William Hurt, River Phoenix, Joan Plowright, and Keanu Reeves star in this bawdy comedy based on the true story of a woman who tried to kill her husband… four times!

Comedienne Tracey Ullman is Rosalie Boca, the devoted wife of philandering pizza maker Joey. When Rosalie learns that he’s been squeezing more than just tomatoes, her homicidal instincts take over. With the help of a New Age busboy, drug-addled cousins Harlan and Marlon, and her own mother, Rosalie attempts to send Joey to that big bed in the sky.

But love ultimately triumphs in this stranger-than-fiction comedy from the director of The Big Chill and The Accidental Tourist.



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2 comments on “RMG 319 – I Love You To Death (1990)

  1. Great show guys!
    This movie came out when I was 13 and I watched it roughly 30 times throughout my teenage years.

    I initially watched it as a River Phoenix fan and grew to love the entire ensemble casts performances. A bonus of course was Phoebe Cates and Heather Graham. A few cherries on top there!

    Joel, I wish you had went into this knowing it was a dark comedy with dramatic elements based on a true story.
    Waiting for the big laughs will sink anything.

    1990. Damn I feel old.

    Thanks for the episode guys!

    • Peter Nielsen Jul 31, 2023

      Hey, Dee…
      I’m glad you enjoyed the episode, AND that you enjoy the movie too!
      Yeah… 1990! I vaguely remember that year… vaguely…

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