RMG 320 – Dead Bang (1989)

August 9, 2023

You can watch the VIDEO version of this episode here: Retro Movie Geek Ep. 320–Dead Bang Movie Review (1989) – YouTube

On this episode, the Retro Movie Geek crew is joined by Maggie Kruger, and they’re geeking out over Dead Bang (1989) and

  • underused characters
  • the cast
  • the Johnson
  • throwing up on suspects
  • and much, much more!


You know the man at a glance… and he still carries a badge. He’s Don Johnson, the rugged Miami Vice star now prowling L.A.’s mean streets as Det. Jerry Beck in Dead Bang, an explosive thriller drawn from Beck’s true-life exploits, and directed by John Frankenheimer.

Beck’s life is on the skids. His wife has left him, his apartment is a dump and his recent companions come in bottles or cans. The one thing he has going for him is his work as a good cop, but even that quality is questioned by authorities who don’t like his hard-driving ways.

Dead Bang’s dangers hover and rumble like thunderclouds… and its lead role suits Johnson dead-on. The dynamic star is riveting as the cop whose street smarts and instinct for trouble put him on the trail of a gang of murderous white supremacists… and into a bullet-frenzied firestorm in their subterranean Colorado headquarters.

“He’s obsessed with his work and doesn’t trust anyone”, is how director Frankenheimer describes Beck. “He takes an emotional and physical journey that can give audiences one hell of a ride.” It’s a ride without handrails, seat belts or brakes, a headlong plunge into the heroics of a cop pushed to the max.



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