Six Degrees Movie Game #5

April 18, 2011

by Dave Umbricht


Yes, as far as I know Victory is the movie to link Pele through.  The beautiful thing?  It can be done very quickly.  Pele is in Victory with Michael Caine who was in A Bridge Too Far with Robert Redford.  Those 70’s epics are perfect for this game, because they starred everybody.

Thinking of victory, it conjures up thoughts of napalm in the morning.  So, let us go from Robert Duvall to a very funny man, David Alan Grier – why D.A.G?  Nostalgia for Men on Film?  Nah, it is because of his Oscar neglected performance in this week’s podcast topic: Tales from the Hood.  Think I’m kidding?  Check it out yourself.  It got at least two snaps up, with perhaps a twist.

As always, leave your connections in the comments section.

David Alan Grier

David Alan Grier


Robert Duvall

Robert Duvall


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3 comments on “Six Degrees Movie Game #5

  1. Ummmm ok… David Alan Grier was in JUMANJI with Bonnie Hunt, who was in JERRY MAGUIRE with wee Tommy O’Cruise, was was in DAYS OF THUNDER with Robert Duvall… although I used Days of Thunder last week and I don’t like using the same movie twice! So if my memory serves me correctly DAG was in Jumanji with robin Williams, who was in BICENTENNIAL MAN (ick) with Sam Neill, who was in EVENT HORIZON with Laurence Fishburne, who I think was in APOCOLYPSE NOW with Robert Duvall…

  2. Grier was in A SOLDIER’S STORY in 1984 with Harold Rollins Jr., who was one of the main stars in a great 1981 film titled RAGTIME. RAGTIME co-starred Brad Dourif, who was in 1978’s THE EYES OF LAURA MARS with Faye Dunaway. Dunaway co-starred with Duvall in NETWORK in 1976.

  3. @Mags– You would be correct about Fishburne’s presence in APOCALYPSE NOW. Nice!

    @Dave– Nice man! And I love that you used the seldom seen, J. Carpenter penned, THE EYES OF LAURA MARS to connect them!

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