Six Degrees Movie Game Summer Tourney – The Penultimate Challenge

August 29, 2011

Disaster Movie poster

by Dave Umbricht

After last week’s challenge, perhaps you should fear next week’s Ultimate Challenge to decide it all.  But before we can get there, we need to get through the next to last challenge.

However, let us not get ahead of ourselves.  First the recap.

The leaderboard going into last week was:

Daniel 4, Zach 2, Mags 2, DudeFozz 1

Lots of points were at stake, and there was even a little confusion.  I love that the public clamored for two additional “Corvette” movies.  If only Mark Hamill knew how much he was loved.  And just to be fair, here’s my fake final scene from Corvette Winter:

Mark Hamill and Annie Potts have finally tracked down the gang that stole his Corvette.  The standoff becomes tense, Reservoir Dogs tense.  Annie holds a gun.  Close on Mark’s face, smiling.  The sound of the gun going off.  Freeze on Mark.  Credits roll over his sunshine smile.  

Iconic, ambiguous, 70’s hack-auteur filmmaking at its finest. But I digress.

Two players nailed it last week, linking three trilogies with actors who were in each trilogy. Here are the perfect links:

Zach came up with:

Ted Raimi was in all three entries of the Evil Dead trilogy, as was Bruce Campbell who had a cameo in every entry of the Spiderman trilogy with Ted Raimi (he played J. Jonah Jameson’s assistant Hoffman), and Ted was in the Darkman trilogy (DarkmanDarkman 2: The Return of Durant and Darkman 3: Die Darkman Die). (That’s three trilogies, but if I need to end on an actor, Bruce Campbell had a cameo in Darkman).

But new player Phil took the cake:

Hugo Weaving is in every Matrix, Transformers and Lord of the Rings movies.

For their efforts, Zach and Phil are awarded 3 points.

Bonus points were given this week as well.  Mags almost got one, but I couldn’t give her credit for Bill and Ted 3 (they’ve been talking about that for years it seems).

Tom gets a point for sheer volume.  I call his entry the “Jack Kerouac stream of consciousness” manifesto.  Some darn good stuff – but too long to paste here (we have a word limit).

And Daniel, our leader going in, gets a point for nailing my French Director reference (and therefore, kissing my ass, playing up to one of my favorites):

Jean-Pierre Léaud was in the Doinel trilogy (400 BlowsStolen Kisses, and Bed and Board … let’s ignore the best bits compilation that was Love On The Run)

So, here’s where we stand with the leaderboard today:

Daniel 5, Zach 5, Phil 3. Mags 2, DudeFozz 1, Tom 1

Two weeks left.  On to this week’s challenge.  The East Coast of the US was preoccupied with a hurricane this week.  It was all you could hear about, probably because it was coming through New York City, you know, the center of the universe.

Anyways, I wasn’t sure if I would get this posted on time as I was running around all day and still not sure how my house is doing (I was away on vacation for the weekend).  I only tell you this, because I want you to link disasters together.  And length matters this week (Editor’s Note: That’s what she said! –sorry!).  Give me volcanoes and tornadoes and tsunamis.  War, pestilence, famine.  Whatever you got.  We Americans can take it and we’ll give it back to you.

Screw you impending ice age!

Sorry, I was stuck in a Roland Emmerich movie for a second.  You get it.  Link these disasters through the actors that starred in them.

Bring it on.  Happy linking.  As always, email your links to

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