Six Degrees Movie Game #7: The Royals

May 2, 2011

My daughter was pretty excited to know that there is a new princess in the world.  She was slightly disappointed to find out that she does not burst into song or have little animal friends.

Evil rival is still TBD, we’ll have to see who Harry marries.

In honor of the wedding, let’s link two people with royal lineage.  Please take us from Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco) to Prince (musical royalty of Minnesota).  Bonus points for using John Goodman (King Ralph).

As always, add your answers to the comment section below.

Grace Kelly





Extra Credit

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3 comments on “Six Degrees Movie Game #7: The Royals

  1. OK, here goes…

    Grace Kelly was in HIGH NOON with Katy Jurado, who played Slim Pickens’ wife in Peckinpah’s PAT GARRETT AND BILLY THE KID in 1973. Slim Pickens was in BLAZING SADDLES with Harvey Korman, and Korman was one of the voices in the dreadful THE FLINTSTONES with, yep, John Goodman! In 2009, Goodman was in CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC with Kristen Scott Thomas, who in turn co-starred with Prince in UNDER THE CHERRY MOON.

    • That, my friend, was AMAZING! Seriously, what I love most is that you didn’t just connect them via the Goodman interchange, but you also chose some lesser known (or should I say, not-as-widely remembered) “backroads” like Slim Pickens and Katy Jurado. Good on ya! 🙂

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