Six Degrees Movie Game #2

March 26, 2011

by Dave Umbricht

Ok hot shots, great work in last week’s exercise.  I particularly loved Ian’s chain which used Sibling Rivalry and Runaway.  Not only did he get there quick, but he used two movies that are definitely forgotten flix.  I also want to thank Nathan for pointing out the little known fact that Dennis Haysbert was typecast as a baseball player years before he became President (or sold me auto insurance).

While everyone did well, I feel some of you are getting a bit cocky.  Mags called it “simples”, which felt like she was buzzing the tower.  So in honor of my coffee being spilled as she flew by at Mach 2, let us celebrate the 80’s flyboys and connect:

Jason Gedrick to Tom Cruise

Jason Gedrick in Iron Eagle

Jason Gedrick in Iron Eagle


Tom Cruise in Risky Business

Tom Cruise in Risky Business

Ahhh but before you yell simple again, I know they were in Born on the Fourth of July together (and according to IMDB Gedrick had an uncredited role in Risky Business).  So, you are not allowed to use that movie, or any other Oliver Stone film.  You know what?  You can’t use any actor who has ever been in an Oliver Stone movie.

Bonus points for using Liz Taylor as one of your links.

C’mon, I dare you to buzz the tower again.

For a reminder of the rules of the game click here. And remember to post you answers in the comments section!

Dave Umbricht loves his family, movies and the NBA (in that order). His unexplainable, genetic attraction to movies flourished in the early ’80s thanks to Siskel and Ebert. It’s also believed Dave was the only 8-year-old to know of My Dinner with Andre, even though he didn’t see it until he was 28. In the ’90s he wrote three awful screenplays, including next summer’s Cowboys and Aliens (or at least a script with the same title). He still can’t dunk a basketball.

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5 comments on “Six Degrees Movie Game #2

  1. Since I am refraining from using IMDB, I am going to get everybody started by connecting these two by using an actress who has been in everything. Here goes… Gedrick was in Heavenly Kid with Jane Kaczmerek who was in Falling in Love with Meryl Streep who was in Lions for Lambs with Couch-jumping Tom Cruise ( note: only I can bad mouth Tom Cruise because we share the same birthday and we are kismet). I Love this game. Reminds me of a scene from “Film Geek” which is a really good movie if you haven’t seen it.

  2. Being old(ish) is really helpful with these things.

    I was thinking it would be possible to connect Lou Gossett Jr. (from IRON EAGLE) directly to Cruise, but somehow they’ve never worked together.

    Luckily Gedrick was in PROMISED LAND with Kiefer Sutherland, who of course was in A FEW GOOD MEN with Cruise.

    • im 13 and tupac is my hero, all he ever wanted was world peace and to make this hell hole were in a betetr place, if there was one person that would of changed the world it would have been pac.R.I.P MY NIGGA PAC ! <3

  3. Ok long and convoluted and not sure my memory is right, but i think… Jason Gedrick in Iron Eagle with Louis Gossett Jr, who was in Enemy Mine with Dennis Quaid, who was in The Big Easy with John Goodman, who was in The Flintstones with ELIZABETH TAYLOR!, who was in Cat on A Hot Tin Roof with Paul Newman, who was in The Colour Of Money with Tom Cruise!

  4. Or of course you could go Gedrick in Backdraft with Kurt Russell, who was in Vanilla Sky with Cruise 😉

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