Six Degrees Summer Movie Tourney – The Final Challenge

September 5, 2011

by Dave Umbricht

It all comes down to this.  One week for the championship.  With every subsequent week, the challenges have become more difficult, and the players have stepped up to meet them.  Last week’s was open ended, I knew it would be intriguing to see what you could come up with.  There were good entries, and then there was Mags:

Disaster Map

Disaster Map

Good God woman, the quizmaster bows down in respect.  She tacked on this explanation at the end:

“The Moral of this is that Morgan Freeman is God and Ocean’s 12 is the biggest disaster ever committed to celluloid.”

I felt I should take a point away for disparaging Ocean’s 12, a movie who’s vibe I really dug when I saw it in the theater.  Alas, I realized, while she may have overstated it, there is validity to her statement.  My problem was I loved how it was an homage to cool 60’s European films, but I had actually never seen the films that it wanted to be.  Therefore I gave the knock off more credit than I should have.

It’s the same with people who loved When Harry Met Sally, not realizing that it was just a very good Woody Allen film.  This should have been the first sign that Rob Reiner would eventually become a hack director.  (Although very few directors had as good of a run as Reiner with Spinal Tap, Stand By Me, When Harry Met Sally, Misery and A Few Good Men).  By the way, his last film, Switched, is a pretty darn good little film, if slight.

But, once again, I digress.

With Mags awesome display, the leaderboard is now:

Daniel 5, Zach 5, Mags 5, DudeFozz 1, Tom 1

Yep, a three way tie for first, and everyone still in the running.

In honor of ForgottenFlix’s International readership, this week take us on a tour of the world.  Link as many countries together as you can (using actors).   You could link using country of origin or by location, etc.  Just be creative.  And if you are really up to the challenge, weave in the concept of “Champion” into your link.

So one final puzzle.  This one is for 5 points — no bonus points.  Make it as complex or intricate as you feel necessary.

If you want the honor to be crowned our first winner, you will need to earn it.

As always, send your links to me at  Happy linking.

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