Six Degrees Summer Movie Tourney – Three for the Road

August 22, 2011

Oh! Heavenly Dogby Dave Umbricht

That’s right gang, only three weeks left until our champion is crowned.  To entice you a bit more, I got my hands on the prize you’re all playing for, and it’s a good one.  So, let’s make this quick, because this week is going to be a tough one.  Double points are at stake and creativity truly matters.  But first, last week’s winner.  Things on the leaderboard have tightened up now that Mags has pulled off another victory:

Benji was in Oh! Heavenly Dog with Omar Sharif, who was in Ashanti with Michael Caine, who was in The Muppet Christmas Carol with Kermit, who was in The Great Muppet Caper with Charles Grodin, who was in Midnight Run with Robert de Niro, who was in Heat with Al Pacino…

She almost lost points for mentioning Righteous Kill in her email, but Omar Sharif wins it for her (the man was in Oh! Heavenly Dog and Lawrence of Arabia and is a master of Bridge — does anyone really know how to play that game?).

On a side note, can someone please explain the exclamation point in the title of Oh! Heavenly Dog.  If it was Oh Heavenly Dog I would read it as “Oh you rascally little dog”, which is an apt description of the movie.  Oh! Heavenly Dog says either “Holy Hell! Watch out for God’s guard dog” or an “I should have had a V8” slap to the forehead moment, “Oh! now I get it, this title is a play on words because the dog is both a reincarnation and here to save our day.”  I wish it had been the second reading, I would have loved to see Benji stretch himself a bit and play a bad ass raining heavenly vengeance upon the wicked (think Jules from Pulp Fiction).

But I digress.

Leader Board:  Daniel 4, Zach 2, Mags 2, DudeFozz 1

Remember folks, this is worth two points.  Scratch that, this is worth three.  Why three?  Because today we play with trilogies.  Please link three trilogies together (and they better be good ones).  For example:  Harrison Ford was in the Star Wars Trilogy with Mark Hamill who was in the Corvette Summer Trilogy (Corvette Summer, Corvette Autumn, and Corvette Winter — I always expected Corvette Spring to be released, but Corvette Winter had such a brutally ambiguous ending that I think a fourth film would have cheapened that iconic final image) with Annie Potts, who was in the Ghostbusters Trilogy (Ghostbusters 3 is coming out, right?)

You get the idea.  Now let me caution you.  The stakes are getting high here.  If you mail this one in, I deduct points.  If you deem this too difficult and don’t submit an answer, you lose points (and Benji the Dog will show up at your doorstep — you can guess if it will be Oh Benji or Oh! Benji).

If you use Ian McKellan you will be mocked.  If you use Harrison Ford, well don’t.  And stylistic trilogies – depends.  The quizmaster has biases.  “The Man with No Name” Trilogy – too easy and completely overrated (Ignores High Plains Drifter, for one — even if Sergio Leone didn’t direct it).  If you used Bergman’s “God is Silent” Trilogy, perhaps.  Then there are the trilogies where there is a fourth movie that cheapens the first three.  There is one I am thinking of specifically.  It was made by one of the great French New Wave Directors.  If you use that one, you may win hands down.

Like I said, play to my fetishes.  Which of course you should know by now, I have one main fetish – creativity (and the use of dashes).  Be creative.  Have fun.  Happy linking.

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