Six Degrees Summer Tourney Week #5

July 25, 2011

by Dave Umbricht

This week was a little light on entries, in fact we just had two.  But the two that entered seem to have a little rivalry going.  Mags vs. Daniel.  As Mags said, “I can’t lose to Daniel, we went to University together.”  While the committee would love to help Mags out, she needs to earn it.  And unfortunately, for her, Daniel extended his streak to three weeks in a row.  Daniel went literary on us:

Sam Kinison is in Back to School with a playing-himself Kurt Vonnegut, who is in Breakfast of Champions with Will Patton, who is in Cold Heaven with Mark Harmon.

Well played Daniel.  Leaderboard is Daniel 3, DudeFozz 1, Zach 1,  Everyone else needs to catch up.

And there is plenty of time to catch up.  The game continues through the first weekend of September.

For this week, the quizmaster has decided to ignore his audience and be a bit self indulgent.  So take us from Keanu Reeves (because yesterday my wife watched Point Break for the first time ever) to Jacques Tati (because every summer my kids and I watch Mr. Hulot’s Holiday).  I expect contestants to use IMDB this week – this one is near impossible.  But I don’t care.  This shows me who really wants it.

As always, send your links to me via email at  Trust me, the prize at the end of the tourney will be worth it.

Happy linking.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves


Jacques Tati

Jacques Tati

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