The First Ever Forgotten Flix Tweet-a-Long this February 19, 2012!

February 17, 2012

Flash Gordon Tweet-a-Longby Maggie Kruger

Q. What are you doing on Sunday 19th February at exactly 4 PM EST?

Are you:

A. Taking a trip to the Garden Centre to buy some new begonias?

B. Alligator wrestling?

C. Joining in with the first ever, highly anticipated, global phenomenon that is THE FORGOTTEN FLIX TWEETALONG of FLASH GORDON?

That was a trick question, by the way. Of course your answer is “C”.

So, what’s the plan? How are we going to do this Tweetypie Thingamajig?

If you’ve read the introductory post and seen the invitation on Facebook, then you’ll already have a pretty good idea of what’s going down. We thought we’d give you some extra pointers though, because we’re nice like that.

First off, make sure you know your start time. We’ll press play at precisely 1600 EST, and if you don’t know what your time difference is, have a look on this handy World Clock website.

Any commentary you may have, any quotes you love, any snarky comments, tweet them. Tweet hard, tweet often. Just make sure you use the hashtag #TFFPFlash, otherwise we won’t see what you’re saying. Just make sure you’re not so busy tweeting that you miss the movie!

Play nice with the other kids. Joel’s never seen Flash Gordon before(!), and we may have other Flash virgins out there, so go easy on the spoilers. Otherwise we’ll set Jay V on you, and no one wants that.

Likewise don’t be mean to anyone taking part if their opinion differs to yours, and watch the swearing (yes, I know I’m not exactly Miss Innocent on the potty-mouth front… just watch the F-bombs, ok?!).

Hungry? Make sure you’ve a good supply of snacks on hand, and don’t get so carried away with the movie that you end up eating your pet gerbil by mistake. I myself will probably enjoy some form of chocolate-based confectionary, this, however, is not mandatory.

Thirsty? I’d suggest playing a Flash Gordon Drinking Game, but that way madness lies, especially at 4pm on a Sunday. However, should you wish to play, you may want to take a drink when one of the following occurs:

  • Dale yelps ‘Flash!’ in a really ineffectual and slightly annoying way.
  • Princess Aura gives someone a come hither look.
  • Prince Vultan booms any of his lines.
  • Prince Barin glowers menacingly.
  • Topol or Max Von Sydow chew some scenery

You get the idea. Don’t blame us for any Monday morning hangovers.


Maggie Kruger fell asleep on her dad’s lap on her first cinema trip to watch Return of the Jedi in 1983, and has loved the movies ever since, even going so far as to study them at college, where she worked on a number of short films. She lives and works in London, UK, and will tell you that her favourite film is Dr Strangelove, although when pressed will also admit a certain weakness for 1980’s brat pack movies and most of Adam Sandler’s early work.Follow her on Twitter: @emmizzykay.

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