The Quizmaster Presents: I Could Make A Better Horror Movie!

October 4, 2011

Linda Blair as Reagan in The Exorcist (1973)by Dave Umbricht

Or you could make it worse.

We often think we could make a better movie than the one we just watched.  We would cast it differently, change some plot detail, or direct it better than the hack that did.

Here’s you chance.  Change an element of each (or any) of the following movies to make it better.

And since we’re playing with some classic films, for extra credit, makes some changes that would make it absolutely worse.

Forgotten Flix has gone horror for October, so here are 5 horror movies that you get to change:


  1. Halloween (the original)

  2. The Exorcist

  3. Jaws

  4. Alien

  5. Cat People (the original or the over-sexed 80’s version)

Be free, have fun, and give us some answers in the comment section below.

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