The Quizmaster Presents: Link the Horror Movies

October 17, 2011
Creepy-Ass Doll

What's this doll have to do with this quiz, not much... it's just creepy as hell!

by Dave Umbricht

We have been experimenting with a bunch of new games this fall.  But since the sun is shining as I write this, let’s go back to the good ol days of summer and play a round of the linking game.

Since it’s October, we’ll link horror movies.  To do it right, you’ll need to include all of the following:

1. A Universal Horror Film
2. A Hammer Film
3. Zombies
4. A Haunted House
5. A skeleton
6. A witch
7. Boris Karloff
8. Stephen King
9. An alien threat
10. J-Horror
11. Evil Children
12. An Italian Giallo
13. A murderous cult
14. A fiendish clown
15. Something really screwed up

Remember, you link these movies by actors or actresses.  Comment below with your answers.  Be careful out there, this one may bite.

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