The Quizmaster Presents . . . Movie Frankenstein

September 20, 2011

Frankenstein's Monsterby Dave Umbricht

How does one spell evil laughter?  Is it muhahahaha? Muahahahahaaaha?  Cue Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor.

After months of linking together actors and actresses, it is time for a new adventure.  Each week we will play a new game (and will replay your favorites – please give feedback when you particularly like or loathe something).

Some of the games will be trivia.  Others will require your creativity.  This is not a contest, just for fun.  So feel free to play any week you feel.  Give your answers in the comment section below, so we can all see.  Usually, there won’t be one correct answer.  So no winning or losing, just put your answer out there.

What shall we play first?

Since I’ve spent my week in the evil lair preparing this treat, let’s play MOVIE FRANKENSTEIN.  How do you play?  Just like the good Dr. cobbled together a bunch of body parts to create the perfect being (or at least a being), we’ll link together different movie elements to create a perfect film.

For example:

Create the perfect Romantic Comedy  —

— actress Julia Roberts, actor Cary Grant, sidekick/best friend Cher, jerk ex-boyfriend Clark Gable, directed by Quentin Tarantino (because he always tries to make the perfect version  of every genre). 

— The plot will revolve around a princess who runs away from her wedding to move to New York City to become a newspaper reporter.  Her plucky can do spirit lands her a job at a failing third rate tabloid that is about to be closed down by a Rupert Murdochesque tyrant (Malcolm McDowell).  She turns the paper around by writing a gossip column about the Manhattan socialites (finding angles to stories that she notices thanks to her royal lineage).  Soon a rival columnist is onto her.  Hilarity, misunderstandings, and sparks fly.

You get the picture.  Piece together stars from different eras, the perfect directors, plot points, screenwriters, cinematographers, whatever you feel.  Have fun with it.

However, you will not be building a RomCom.  Instead, build us an 80’s Teen Comedy.

Comment below and let’s have fun.

Back to the lair to concoct next week’s game.

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5 comments on “The Quizmaster Presents . . . Movie Frankenstein

  1. This is actually pretty a pretty neat idea, here’s mine:

    Moving from New Jersey to Chicago means that teen-hearthrob Ralph Maccio has to readjust to his new life at Shermer High. Ralph struggles to catch the attention of head cheerleader Emma Stone and takes a few beatings from football team captain Chris Klein because of it. When the race for student council president starts he decides it’s his chance to impress her and enlists his hilarious best friend Alan Ruck and nerdy girl of his dreams (though he doesn’t know it yet) Molly Ringwald. His campaign will include a stirring performance of Summer Lovin, a rousing game of tractor jousting and a sidesplitting prank pulled on grouchy principal Bryan Cox thanks to help from beleaguered chess club president Jason Schwartzman. It’s going to take a lot of work and at least two montages, one of which is set to “Heat of the Moment” by Asia, but if he can pull it off he just might be…

    TOP OF THE CLASS, a John Hughes Film

    • Freakin’! Awesome!

      I love the Asia montage and that you cast Bryan Cox as the principal! Perfection! : )
      Joel G. Robertson
      Sent from my iPad

  2. Anonymous Sep 24, 2011

    1950’s teen rebel Angel Mile(John Cusack) dies in a freak auto accident and goes to Purgatory. Thirty years later, he is given a deal by an angel(Ray Walston) gives him angelic powers and says that he can go to heaven if he completes 3 “impossible” tasks. Duff agrees and is jettisoned into Zachary Tyler High School and goes undercover as a student, even though his behavior and 50’s attitude stick out like a sore thumb. He finds out his first task is to make scrawny Milo Goodman(Michael Cera) into a quarterback for the sagging football team. His second task is to help grant the wish of a shy foreign exchange student(Masi Oka) to have sex with school diva Debra Lewinsky(Lorrie Griffin) and to keep him from lusting after his beautiful English teacher Miss Wilshire(Elizabeth Hurley). His third and final task is to help homely Lindsay Cunningham(Molly Ringwald), an outspoken feminist, beat Debra to become Homecoming Queen. Despite initial conflicts perpetrated by school bullies Duff(Channing Tatum) and Wilson Ragsdale(William Zabka), Mile is able to use his powers to further completion of his tasks. But he finds himself falling in love with Lindsay. What will he do? 
    Written by Kevin Smith
    Directed by Preston Sturges

  3. Gailinva Sep 26, 2011

    Love both of these!  What fun.  I planned on doing this one but the real world butted in and I just didn’t have time. Molly Ringwold was going to be in my movie too. Didn’t know what the part was or the plot was exactly but she was it in.  I love that Preston Sturges was chosen as a director.  My favorite of all time. 

    Need to rearrange my work like so more stuff like this can fit in!

    • Hi Gail! It’s never too late with “The Quizmaster Presents…” series! If you come across a game 6 months, or years from now, and still want to play, please do!

      Joel G. Robertson
      Sent from my iPad

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