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November 1, 2010

Forgotten Flix Logo - A VHS Tape

by Joel G. Robertson

Like you, I’m a movie fan. A HUGE movie fan (I think film geek is overused, but it definitely applies). I’m launching Forgotten Flix as a community for you, the movie fan, to celebrate the movies you love. I want you to share your movie memories and experiences with me and the rest of film fandom.

So, I know what you’re thinking (forgot to mention I was psychic, didn’t I?), “Yeah, that sounds great and all Sparky, but what the hell’s that got to do with forgetting about movies?” Well, I decided to call this blog and its sister podcast* Forgotten Flix for three reasons:

  1. I thought it sounded like cool a way to describe movies that had fallen off the pop culture radar (or were never really on it)
  2. is too wordy and sounds dumb and
  3. I really, really like alliteration.

So, now you’re asking yourself, ‘How do I know this blog and podcast are for me?’ (Yep, still reading those thoughts. By the way, that last thing you were thinking about, the one with the dryer lint and vaseline**, pretty freakin’ gross dude…)

Forgotten Flix is for you if…

  • … you’ve ever had a conversation where you made a movie reference that NO ONE else got.
  • … you believe many of your favorite movies never got the proper credit or exposure when originally released.
  • … you want to champion movies currently in theaters, or newly released on DVD, that have been ignored, forgotten, or missed out on by the mainstream.
  • … you know so much movie trivia that your friends refer to you as a walking IMDB, or less flatteringly, Rainman.
  • … you love movies, old and new, and want to express that love in a way that doesn’t involve Crisco, a trenchcoat, or the police.
  • …. you want to be part of a community where everyone knows your name, and they’re always glad you came… uh… wait a sec… no, that actually works too…

First and foremost, that’s what I want this site to become: a community where movie fans can get together and discuss movies. I believe everyone brings something different to the table and that’s what makes things interesting.

I, for one, have a ridiculous amount of 1980s and early 90s cinematic brain candy rattling around in my cranial hollows. It’s mainly horror and comedy-flavored candy, so much of what I’ll post will reflect my own personal zeitgeist (how’s that for some pretentious foo-foo!).

But, personally, I want to be exposed to more. I want you to share your movie-lovin’ knowledge with me. Do you know a ridiculous amount about 1960s and 70s drive in movies? Or maybe you’re a Universal horror fan? Or maybe Hammer horror is more your thing? What about 1920s, silent-era motion pictures, specifically those from the German Expressionist movement? That works too.

Or maybe you’re more of a specialist than a generalist. You’ve packed your cerebrum storehouse with boxes filled with information about a certain director or actor. Can you recite dialogue from every Ray Dennis Steckler picture, including Blood Shack? Do you know every movie Terry O’Quinn’s ever been in and feel that had he starred in either Transformers 2 or Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, they would have actually been good movies? Do you lie awake at night wishing Jill Schoelen would return to acting in major theatrical films? (And yes, I somehow managed to make another not-so-subtle reference to The Stepfather (1987)…)

Regardless of where your film fascinations lie, I want to hear from you.

If any of the above applies to you, please subscribe (it’s FREE for Criminy’s sake!), email me at, or leave a comment on the blog or podcast. Better yet, do all of the above. And remember…

…a flick is only forgotten if you’re not talking about it!

*The Podcast will premiere on December 15.
**email me if you know what cheeseball late 90s movie that’s a reference to!

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