What’s Playin’ at the Mall Twin… and when?

October 29, 2010

by Joel G. Robertson

As this is the final post before Launch-Day (which has been bumped one day to November 1, because, hey, I forgot Halloween was on a Sunday this year!), I thought I’d briefly go over how I plan on releasing content.

Yep, I’ve actually laid out a schedule for myself and for you, my lone, er, faithful reader, so you have an idea what to expect from me and this here experiment in retro redundancy. Truth is, I’m still feeling things out with this blog so things may (and will) change over time. But rest assured, I’ll always let you know what’s what.

And if you ever want to check out this schedule in the future, it’ll be available on the main menu (under “Schedule” –> “The Blog”) starting Monday.

Mall Twin Movie Theater

Mall Twin Movie Theater

So, here’s how we’ll roll here at Forgotten Flix:

MONDAY: Mall Twin Mondays. I’ll be reporting from deep within the dark, dank, musty recesses of my own twisted psyche. I imagine it looks a lot like a Mall Twin Movie Theater down there. You know the kind I’m talking about (especially if you grew up in the 70s and 80s). Most people had at least one in their hometown.  The Mall Twin had only a couple screens. Both were torn. Stained carpets… on the walls. Orange, and brown, and taupe cover the interior like a fungus in desperate need of some ointment.

From inside the Mall Twin you’ll get random musings from your’s truly. Maybe it’ll be a retro movie review (or a new review about a movie you need to remember), or news about upcoming movies that have a connection to a forgotten flick, or a retrospective, or other general movie musings.

WEDNESDAY: The Forgotten Flix Podcast. This is the day I release new episodes of the podcast (starting December 15), including show notes. Still deciding whether I’m going to do a new episode a week or every other week. Guess it’ll depend on how long it takes to turn this mutha out.

FRIDAY: Forgotten Flix Recommends. I’ll suggest a movie from various genres. It could be horror, comedy, drama, thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, family, or all of them. Feel like a laugh? Check out the FFR Comedy selection. Want to see something really scary (or at least entertainingly cheesy)? FFR Horror it is! And if you’re spending time with the kids this weekend during your court-ordered, social-worker monitored “special” time, then check out something from FFR Family.

Of course, all the movies offered up in FFR will have some sort of thematic connection; it may be the release year, someone involved with the production, or some other arbitrary, marginally-amusing piece of trivia. But no matter how tenuous, a connection there will be!

TUESDAYS/THURSDAYS: Help a Blogger Out. These are the days dedicated to other bloggers, writers, podcasters, and anyone else who wants to have their work featured on Forgotten Flix. So, if you are interested in contributing an article, review, interview, audio, video, or whatever email me at feedback@forgottenflix.com.

The only criteria is that your material relates, in some way, to the movies. And preferably movies (or the people involved with making them) you feel deserve to be recognized or remembered. One other point about contributing, any obscene, hate-filled, or pornographic material will be rejected and the sender will be banished, locked away deep within the bowels of the Mall Twin where they’ll forever watch a triple feature loop of Ishtar, The Mirror Has Two Faces, and Beautician and the Beast!

Until next time, remember, a flick is only forgotten if you’re not talking about it!

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